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What to Expect from a Residential Pool Service in Naples & Sarasota

Are you in search of a residential pool service? Naples and Sarasota pool owners know that a private residential pool is an absolute must-have on a hot SW Florida day. There’s nothing quite like beating the heat and cooling off in the privacy and convenience of a private swimming pool.

But as fun as it is, having a properly maintaining a custom pool is a chore that most homeowners don’t address as often as they should. When pool maintenance is neglected for too long, it can ruin the experience and even make the water unsuitable for swimming.

It can even cause damage to the pool, or possibly the home.

To save time and energy, to prevent unnecessary damage and expensive cleanup jobs, and best of all, to get the most out of their pool, local owners are using a residential pool service in Naples, Sarasota and surrounding areas.

What Services Do Pool Companies in Naples Provide?

When contracting for residential pool service in Naples, there are several cleaning and maintenance services that are typically included:

  • Skim leaves and debris from the water
  • Clean the bottom of the pool with a portable service vacuum
  • Brush/scrub the side of the pool
  • Inspect equipment and hardware to ensure proper function
  • Clear the water line and pump baskets
  • Check the water level
  • Test the water’s pH balance and alkalinity
  • Add chlorine and pool cleaning chemicals to kill bacteria
  • Those are just the normal weekly or twice-weekly tasks. Other services are performed as needed or on a less-frequent, scheduled basis. Often, they are not part of a standard contract and are negotiated separately.
  • Filter cleaning
  • Cover installation
  • Drain and refill
  • Acid washing to remove stubborn stains
  • Pool repair

How Long Does Residential Pool Service in Naples Take?

While the actual service visit depends upon the condition of the pool, the typical weekly cleaning and maintenance call for a pool in good repair takes about an hour.

However, for extremely dirty pools that have not been cleaned in a while, the initial inspection, consultation, and cleaning can take several hours.

Repairing a Leaking or Damaged Pool

If the pool equipment needs replacing, if it is physically damaged, or if it has a leak, that is beyond regular maintenance. In that case, the next step would be to contact a pool builder in Sarasota or the surrounding area.
Because they have the equipment to completely install a pool, they are also capable of handling most major pool or equipment repairs.

NOTE: If the pool is leaking, draining and repair become a priority. Left alone, leaks can worsen, potentially causing serious damage to the pool itself, the property, or even the home.

Protecting Private Pools

Regular cleaning and maintenance will protect and prevent unnecessary damage to what is typically a homeowner’s largest single recreational investment.

The ability to detect and resolve minor issues before they become major problems and the capability to make repairs or replace damaged pools is what separates a single individual with a truck and a net from a company of trained professionals.

Learn more about pool cleaning and maintenance, repair, and replacement from pool builders in Naples, Sarasota, and surrounding Florida communities. Get in touch with your local Naples and Sarasota pool company.