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Sarasota & Naples Pool Builders Help Ensure Safety is Part of a Fun Backyard Pool Experience

People who live in Sarasota and Naples, FL love their backyard pools. Many Sunshine State homeowners enjoy their swimming pools year-round, and with good reason; a swimming pool is a beautiful, relaxing oasis on a hot day, and provides fun for family and friends. But while swimming is a refreshing pastime, smart homeowners make pool safety a priority. Proper pool construction and maintenance are key to a safe swimming experience.

Pool Installation

Professional pool companies in Sarasota build and maintain residential pools that can be a centerpiece of any homeowner’s outdoor space.

Those who want to build a new backyard pool or who wish to tear down and rebuild their existing pool should select builders with a proven track record of reliable construction and professional service in Naples or Sarasota. Many Sarasota pool companies offer built-in safety features and high-end construction for a pool that is appealing to people of all ages.

Homeowners who follow safety precautions can enjoy the water with fewer concerns. Consider the following readily available safety features when constructing a residential pool:

  • A self-closing and self-locking safety gate at the entrance to the pool area will help keep young children from entering the pool when unsupervised.
  • A safety vacuum release system disables a pool pump’s suction and frees a body or object trapped against the suction outlet.
  • Anti-entrapment drain covers prevent swimsuits and hair from becoming entangled in the drain system.
    Pool alarms are inexpensive and can be installed to alert homeowners to a problem on the pool’s surface; they act as warning devices if someone or something falls into a pool unexpectedly.
  • A pool safety cover will regulate the water temperature, keeping it consistent, while also protecting younger children or animals from becoming submerged.
  • A safe slide or diving board is one that meets regulation standards; residential pool builders in Sarasota and Naples can ensure that these fun features meet every applicable safety regulation.
  • Vinyl loop floor mats near the pool’s entrances and exits absorb water, so that swimmers can dry their feet when they exit the pool. These mats help to prevent slips and falls on wet pool decks and concrete.

Pool Maintenance

As some families who already have a backyard pool know, a poorly maintained pool isn’t just unpleasant to look at, but can also be a health hazard. Pool maintenance can be a time-consuming task, and one that many homeowners would rather trust to a professional. A company in Sarasota or Naples that features top-level residential pool care can provide homeowners with daily pool maintenance to keep backyard pools in tip-top shape, including the following services:

  • Cleaning pool drains to ensure they function properly
  • Skimming water surface to collect unwanted debris such as twigs, leaves, or insects
  • Checking and maintaining water levels to allow skimmer doors and filters to keep out unwanted debris
  • Testing and maintaining chemical ratios to be sure that water is safe for swimming. Pool chemicals keep swimmers from getting sick when they swim, killing germs and bacteria to help prevent water-borne illnesses.

Owning a pool is fun, and also requires a commitment to maintenance and safety. Professional pool companies in Sarasota can build and maintain backyard pools, and can answer questions about pool installation or upgrades, as well as daily pool maintenance.