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Choosing the Right-Sized Pool for Your Yard

Many homeowners throughout the US consider a swimming pool a luxury item. It’s nice to have, but it’s not essential. Those living in Florida, however, take a different view. With the hot, humid weather conditions that exist most days of the year, a pool is more than just a nice-to-have. It’s a critical part of the landscape, helping the family stay cool and refreshed year-round.


There’s much to consider when installing a pool. Most homeowners have no idea where to start.  That’s where reputable pool builders in Naples or Sarasota come in. These contractors can help homeowners decide what they want. Features like design, shape, and materials come into play here.


Size Isn’t Everything — But It’s Critically Important!

One of the most important aspects to figure out at the start is the size of the pool. Many pool construction methods don’t have size limits, but that doesn’t mean the pool should be enormous! Several factors help determine the correct pool size. Local pool companies in Sarasota are experts at assisting homeowners with this step.


Here are a few tips from professional pool builders in Naples for figuring out the right pool size.


#1. Decide how the pool will be used.

The first step in choosing the right pool size is deciding how it will be used and by whom. If the family uses the pool recreationally, it requires a shallow end, so it’s safe for younger children and non-swimmers. It also needs a deep end for more experienced swimmers. If the pool is used primarily for exercise, the shape isn’t an issue, but length is. Competitive swimmers and athletes may need a custom-length pool to practice competitive strokes and allow for their unique turn style and arm length. All this should be considered up-front.


#2. How big is the backyard?

The second thing to consider is the usable space in the backyard. How much room is there that’s free of obstacles? Can obstacles be removed if necessary? Most pools can be tailored to the available space. Expert pool builders in Sarasota can help homeowners figure out what size is best.


#3. How much is in the budget?

No one enjoys talking about money — or being limited by it — but the reality is that everything costs money, including swimming pools. Homeowners who’ve taken the time to come up with a budget for pool installation find themselves ahead of the game. To figure out how much to budget, call local pool builders in Sarasota or Naples to get estimates. Many offer financing plans, which many homeowners find helpful.


Take the Plunge!

Homeowners ready to get started should start with a Google search on residential pool service Naples or residential pool service Sarasota. This will pull up a list of pool builders in the area who can help them realize their dream of owning a pool. By considering these tips ahead of time, the process will go faster and ensure that the pool is perfectly sized for their backyard!